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Declaration of War.

hello FGR,

  FGR is hereby declaring war on the army Watex Warriors. We will be invading their nation here soon. We will need to be Recruiting and having a heavy presence on FGR chat. So get online im tired of not seeing you guys on there. We need to recruit we need to be on chat and we will invade.

The reason for this declartion of war is simple. They hold a higher Top 10 ranking then we do and we are looking to move up. This is a publicity act. Both armies will benefit from this publicity but only one will win the war.

I will post invasion times here shortly so be ready to check the site for Invasion times



3 Responses

  1. Our chat activity has heavily decreased, we average 5, maxing 8 but hardly anyone talks.

  2. Lol. You guys are cool now.

  3. I think it’s a good idea. Only way to rank up is to prove we deserve it.

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