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FGR, we have alot of things to work on before we can relax. If we dont work on them quick, we will fall.

Most importantly, we need to work on our formations. Our tactics are alright, but the formations is our weak point-it costed us in the legends cup battle against CPGT. We actually had around 13-14 soldiers early on in the battle, but because our line was in the middle of the crowd, it seemed as if we only had 8 online. In order to improve, do not cramp out in one spot. Spread out. There should be a gap between each person.

Secondly, everyone must stay on chat and cp whenever they are online, even if there is not an event. We could have won against CPGT if everyone had stayed on chat, with numbers of 20. I witnessed 15 soldiers at the start, then approximately 7 left. After that we rose to about 10 on chat, with more soldiers logging on but yet again the numbers decreased to around 6. Once more it rose, with numbers of 11-12 but it was not enough to get us through. If everyone had stayed online, we could have gotten over 20. Also, since the defeat, our chat activity has decreased, maxing 7 per day and averaging 3-4. This is not on. We need everyone to stay on chat.

Finally, recruit and have unscheduled events. This can give us more soldiers, and improve our numbers. PC people on different chats asking them if they want to join, and then give them the site link. You can also use our new technique by asking Lsund.


-Coolster114, FGR leader and Government Chairman


2 Responses

  1. Firstness!

  2. I go to riffys chat regulary to recruit.

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