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FGR made the top 10!/ Active Count MUST COMMENT


Lsund: Elites, WV are in this too.

Hey people,

Guys im so proud of you guys, FGR made it to the top 10 in CPAC. That means we have buckled down and got to work. However, we cannot stop we must keep going. I will not settle for just number 10. We have to get as high as we possibly can. So this means recruiting everyday. Going on chat daily. And showing up at events. We will be having some big events coming up.

We recently made allies with UMA and DW. So they’re 4 of us in an alliance which is FGR, AR, UMA, and DW. So they will be helping us and we will be helping them. Some of the events coming up are going to be big. Possibly even headliners on CPAC. So be ready to be in the spotlight.


So yea, the next month will be big for us and we should advance in the top 10. We will be recruiting heavily everyday on chats and on CP. So guys get ready and we will buckle down once again and get to work.


~Elitesof aka Korn


30 Responses

  1. I’m active :]

  2. Active
    scale of 1 to 10…. 10

  3. Active.
    Scale: 7.9

  4. Active

  5. Active, 10.

  6. active

  7. Active
    Scale 1-10: 9

  8. Where is the top ten? Btw I’m active 6

  9. Active
    On a scale of 1-10?

  10. 10 :3 tho l just joined…..xD

  11. Active
    10(no offense)

  12. YEAH! I’m active.

  13. ACTIVE

  14. I’m active! 🙂

  15. Active-7

  16. Goofysoccer

  17. Active

  18. Active-9.8

  19. active as hell peepz

    • Active as hell?You dont make many events…also you didnt schedule anything and you dont do anything for the army.

      • He does… He attends more events then you do, besides, why argue with a LEADER of this army, he is higher ranked than you.

      • Coolster,I joined earlier then him.And he didnt schedule anything for this army did he?And I counted I only couldnt make 3 events in 3 months.For most of the battles I cancelled my plans for a 30 minute thing!And no I can respect all leaders but not him!Hes a leader only because he has experience EVERYONE knows it!He is leader only in words.

      • Omg… A leader does not have to schedule events.

        He made every single event since we started getting 10+, he goes on chat whenever he is online, he posts(Yes, he does).

      • Leaders dont have to schedule events?Then who schedules battles?Yes we should respect leaders but leaders are not here to ONLY be respected!They are respected because they do the most job in armies.
        And no he didnt post more than I did!Go to dashboard and click users.See how many posts I posted and Shad did!
        Also you cant blame about chat.Blame those fat Americans who made xat banned in this country!I was just about to get a payment punishment from computer polices to enter XAT!I changed my computers ID!Who could do more than me for a virtual world’s chat!

  20. Lol!PB with GD is in July 2nd and today is July 5th!

  21. Active 7

  22. Im active
    98765456789 <<thats how active I am 8)

  23. I just joined. So im Active

  24. active 5

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