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The Golden Cup

We will be hosting a tournament. It was originally going to be a one day event held in August, but I have changed the format. There will be 24 armies, ranging from small,medium and large. All the armies will be split into groups of 6, meaning that there will be 4 groups. The members of the groups will face each other in 2 events(kinda like the spring shinding). Judging will be based on the pictures you take, and wont be decided immediantly after the battle. There will be a formula for the group stage to decide how many points you get(Numbers maxed+Chat size+Number of succesful tactics). If you win the event, you will be given 10 extra points. If you come second, you will be awarded 5 extra. After each group have had their 2 events, the two armies at the top will move on to the knockout stage. More details will be given out once we are prepared.

Armies invited:

  • FGR(accepted)
  • ACP
  • Nachos
  • Ninjas
  • Ice Warriors
  • Watex Warriors
  • Night Warriors
  • Sun Troops
  • Global Defenders
  • UMA
  • Army Republic
  • Golden Troops
  • Green Team
  • Dark Warriors
  • RPF
  • DCP
  • CPF
  • SWAT(Lt)-Declined Green Crew
  • Ice Vikings(Accepted)
  • Pretzels
  • Pink Ice
  • Team Gold
  • Puffle Warriors
  • Sky Troops(Accepted)

Leaders of the armies invited, please comment if you accept to participate.

-Coolster114, FGR Leader


6 Responses

  1. Ice Vikings Accept

  2. Why isn’t RPF invited?

  3. Uma Declined

  4. It doesn’t say RPF is invited?

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