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Peace/Recruiting Session+Invasion of freezer and Important event with GD

Elitesof edit: I will be on periodicly for the next few days. my schedules is all messed up but just for this week, keep strong.

Skipper 2nd edit:We are now 3rd in the Top 10 Medium!!!

Skipper edit:I wont be able to take pics until Thursday…can someone else take pics? 

Coolster114 Edit: Elitesof will not be on for the next few days, so lets prove that we can cope without him.

❗ IMPORTANT READ NOW ❗ *Recruiting Session Timings Changed*

I am just one of the 5 FGR leaders who are against this boycott and declaring war on the CPGT. I am sorry to say, but it is the leaders that lead armies, not 2ic’s. We lost, so get over it. This is utter nonsense, considering the fact that we dont have enough evidence to prove our point. If i continue to see this behaviour, some people may be demoted. Due to the recent events, promotion day must be delayed for a week or so, until we recover. For those who think they deserve one ASAP, speak to Elitesof. Also,To CPAC and CPGT, we are extremly sorry, we hope you forgive us.

Moving on, we have 2 crucial events. This can decide our rank in the next medium/large top 10.

Sunday, July 3rd* 10-15 Expected*

Where: Mammoth









15 Responses

  1. I can’t make the invasion of freezer but I should be able to make the saturday one 😉

  2. i will make both.

  3. Can’t come to both.

  4. I can come to both…
    I am also sorry to leaders abusing my powers too much.Now I understand…I apologize as a 2ic.
    P.S Whats the saturday battle?

  5. I can’t make either, and I would like to apologize to all of FGR as this is my fault. I’ve already personally apologized to CPAC and to CPGT. I hope you guys forgive me, as I really do love this army

  6. sorry i can’t come to any! I am really sorry! 😦

  7. I’ll be gone till late Saturday

  8. Actually, I can make the SUnday one, and maybe the saturday one, but not the friday one.

  9. probly will be thur friday

  10. I can come to all.

  11. I wont make the pb… I wont even be on for most of the day.

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