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Whats happening around FGR.

Alright FGR,

I decided to make a new type of post letting you know whats happening around FGR. Get you updated so to speak. I hope you like it.

Alright we will be highlighting these aspects in the post today.

  •  FGR’s brother army pact with AR
  • FGR’s invasion of FOG tomorrow
  • Our NEW 2ic
  • Our recent growth
  • Where FGR stands in the legends cup and whats expected

Lets get going.

Ok First off. Recently, FGR has became brother armies with Army Republic. We are very greatful for them seeing as they are a big asset to have. They have helped us  grow and became a great ally. Some of their troops have even joined us. They helped us in the Defense of Rainbow and we did amazing. We ended up maxing around 15 on rainbow while the Pretzels maxed at 3. Pretzels probably wont make another offensive against us due to our preformance on Rainbow with the help of AR.

 Tomorrow we will be invading the server FOG, currently owned by the army NW. They don really like the idea of us invading. They even tried to treat it like it wasnt gonna happen by not showing up. But we got dirty and started provoking them to come. Even though this is extremely short notice. Im not worried. If we win its a “headliner” and if we lose. Hell they’re the 7th largest army in CP lol. So its not a big upset if we lose. But on chance that we win its will be a BIG upset to them. And they will have a massive frowny face attitude happening. But this Invasion of FOG has sparked the possibilities of war between the FGR and NW. So keep posted. This is gonna be fun. ❗ Tomorrow at 5 est is our invasion of FOG ❗

Oh and im guessing by now everyone has met our new 2ic Lsund. He’s is doing great. Recruiting like a boss and handleing shit that most of our leaders arent even handleing. Im really proud of this guy i mean. He came right in and got to work and he’s probably our most productive 2ic weve had since LordCody in our golden age. Were happy that he joined the FGR family and if it werent for him we’d probably be where we were a week ago. So every welcome him and become his friends he’s pretty chill.

Recently, FGR has been growing fairly well. Some of it is attributed to the recent Brotherhood pact we made with AR. Some of it is attributed to the Legends cup coming up passing our name around and some of it is attributed to the ppl inside our own army recruiting people. Whetever way is bringing in people im happy with. We are growing and if we can maintain this growth and maintain the activeness on chat ive been seeing recently we’ll be in the CPAC major top 10 in no time. Hell we obliterated Pretzels today and their supposedly number 3 medium. And with this NW war coming up. Our name will be headlined and sure to grab more troops. Seeing as NW has a hate possy out there somewhere.

Ok the “LEGENDS CUP” is right around the corner. Our first match up on saturday. Its against the water vikings. To me, i think were gonna win personally but that may just be my ego getting to me. I do know that im expecting at least 12 on CP during this thing. And CPAC released a post made by wontonz listing who their picks for the first round are. And right now they think WV will be winning the first match up against us. Reasoning behind it. Im not sure but thats what they think so we have to prove them wrong. I cant wait to see how things plan out. I love our recent progress in FGR guys and girls. Keep it up.

~Elitesof aka Korn


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  1. Thanks Elites!

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