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We lost to NW… hahaha just kidding we kicked their ass

*Elitesof edit*: Alright we had to turn green to see whos who. So the green guys are obviously us. We did great guys good job. Btw we might just turn green more often lulz.

HAHA GOT YOU! Nah, we put a good butt whoopin on em. I am so proud of all of you.

Coolster114: We did well, maxing around 14-17, while NW maxed around 16. Below are my pics:

17 Troops


8 Responses

  1. Nice, wish I could’ve been there. 😦

  2. well done

  3. We did well considering there was a 24-30 hour notice. Most UK troops(Discluding me) had to go school the next day and the event was kinda late for us so we did well, averaging 15.

  4. I see no where near 22 in any of those pictures

  5. just to let you know, you did not “kick our ass”. u beat us by 2 or 3 troops. Did you see our tournement battle yesterday? well lets just say u will have to have major army top 5 sizes to beat us.

    • we get 18 at events, decent sizes to beat you. In this event we maxed 16. Besides, we clearly beat you. You never matched our size, and the only time you got close(where we had 2 or 3 troops more than you) was in the Plaza..

    • Top 5 major? Lets so you do it WITHOUT all those DW troops next time. And I’m guessing your NOT even an owner at NW. Leaders talking shit is one thing, but you have no spot. If you ARE an owner or something, My bad.

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