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the Upcoming Days.

Alright FGR,

 The Up and coming days are gonna be tough. We’ve got a few events coming up. As we have the defense of rainbow coming in tomorrow and the Legends cup on saturday. These two events are seriously needed. we got a new supply of troops coming in we got a very promising 2ic at the reigns We got our leaders and we got some new troops that recently join that im trusting will be active.

On our Active post we have something around 15 active. We will need everyone to show for these next few. If we show good then we might win the legends cup. We are expected to lose. CPAC wrote a post on who they expect to win round 1 for each match up and between us and the water vikings, the Water Vikings are expected to win so lets prove them wrong. We have to show FGR is here and will be here and keep rising.

The Defense of rainbow is a MUST WIN operation. The Pretzels are tough but we are legendary. And we didnt become legendary by losing to tough armies. We became legendary by creating upsets in CP armies but surprising and creating doubts for the bigger armies. Rainbow will be a success and lets set out to prove it.

Meanwhile we have a new Header. If you havent noticed its pretty badass. And im glad to see that we had a good amount of people on chat today i was pleased. Now if we could make it like that daily. Basicly all we gotta do is stick around on FGR chat when you get on and open up another tab if u want to do other things.

~Elitesof aka Korn


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