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Upcoming Events/Defence of Rainbow Results

Coolster114 Edit: FGR, we did excellant and succesfully defended Rainbow, we maxed 19 on chat but around 5 troops were AFK and I could not log on. After the event, our chat size kept on increasing.

 Total: 17

More pics below.

*Elitesof edit*: Im running for RPF leader

FGR, I was disapointed after the defeat in the SMAC Down. We maxed 4, and there were several troops online but were not on our chat nor attending the event. We have the numbers, we got 15 a week or two ago and are the 3rd best medium army(CPAC scale). The following events are important, if you dont attend you may get fired(Discluding Owners),

Water Vikings vs FGR || Legends Cup *15 Expected*

Date –  Saturday, June 25th 2011

Server – Klondike, Dock

Time –

12:45 PM PST (Pacific)
 1:45 PM Mountain
 2:45 PM Central,
 3:45 PM Eastern,
 7:45 PM GMT(Europe)
 8:45 PM BST(UK) 


Coming to the results of Rainbow,I’m so proud of you guys.I had a little bad feeling if we lost this too,but you guys proved me you can show what you are.

Yes.We won.We got 19 in our chat while getting 12 on CP.Many of the comments in the SMAC Top 10(which we were 4th in it)said that FGR should be lower.After this battle,I think they will understand why we are that high in the top 10.I think we should be 3rd or 2nd in the next one.

I’m also happy of our active count too.We got 15 comments in 4-5 days!After that it was sad we failed at the tournament.Anyways,we are back again!I want you guys to do the same thing at the Legends Cup!








We must win our Legends Cup battle. With victory, we have a slight chance in being in the next Major Top Ten. For the defence of Rainbow, Pretzels are a strong-medium sized army who are also on the rise. We must win, there is no other option. If they continue to attack our nation, then that means war.

-Coolster114, FGR Leader and Colour War Veteran



9 Responses

  1. I can come to the defence of Rainbow but 50% chance of not coming for the Legends cup.

  2. Most likely to come to the defence but there is a SLIGHT chance that I will miss the Legends cup although it is unlikely.

  3. I’ll be there saturday, and wednesday idk yet

  4. ill be there wensday and i should be there Saturday not sure its 50 50 chance i might or might now be cuzz thats wen my towns havin this huge party and my moms maken me go

  5. erm personally i would rather have atm as rpf leader

  6. I’ll definantly make both

  7. i can possibly make both

  8. I shall be there

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