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Hi, Im Lsund and I am your new 2ic.

I first started cp armies in ’06, I joined WW and was a lurker, who never did much. After that, I joined Nachos, and eventually ACP, reaching the rank of Brigader General. If you’ve been around for awhile, you remember Order 67, which was I believe around 2008, maybe ’09. If not, here’s a brief synopsis: ACP back then, was the #1 army, as they are now, and had total control over everything. They decided they wanted no small or medium armies, so they announced Order 67. Order 67 was basically a plan to eliminate all small to medium armies, and all large armies were in on it. Now back then, the large armies were ACP, Nachos, BB, and WW and MAYBE Iw. They figured they had it in the bag, But thanks to the Elites, (Elitesof used to lead them I believe) and CPC, which I and a legend named Blueswill lead, we defeated them.


So that’s pretty much all of my history, last year CPC made it to like round 3 of the legends cup, and we steamroled the #4 army at that time. That got me recognized, and I was almost a legend, and then Sklooperis Pretty much killed it.

So that’s pretty much it. I hope to lead FGR into the top 10 before summer is over



5 Responses

  1. erm as far as i remeber it was cancelled and nobody defeated them >.<

  2. Nope

  3. Well, sorta…They cancelled cus we were kickin their ass

  4. several things… FGR were allies of order 67, and so were several other minor-kinda major armies such as CPW and CPA(2)

  5. Yeah, there were plenty of allies in Order 67. Most Small/Medium Armies were.

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