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New uniforms/ Tourney Battle / Motto’s

Coolster114 Edit: All Owners, read the Private post on Governments and Divisions.

Red Edit: Sorry guys but I can never make events on Early Saturday mornings – 2:00 pm pst cause of swim meets i will try to make all other events

Alright guys,

Here soon we wil be changing our uniform. It too closely resembles RPF, and DW. So what we will do is change it. If you look in the header you will see a Grey fishermans jacket version of our uniform(that is what you will use tomorrow in the tourney battle). And then we will have pictures of our other uniform ideas posted.


Also,our tourney was sucessful.We won!We always got the biggest size and defended it.We were against 3 armies,and we won!This is so great.We are rising fast,and we wont stop!At the start of the battle,actually we outnumbered,but then other armies got bigger.I thought this would be a lose to ST,but then Nick said there will be 2 winners.So FGR and ST won the first tourney battle.

(Click to enlarge)

__________________ _________________________________

~Elitesof aka Korn


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