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This is ~Shad~

Ok, this post isn’t just about me it’s also about activeness. But first I want to introduce myself. My name is Shad and when I joined Elitesof imidiately recognized me and told me that he needed some help on getting you guys active so he put me as your guys’s new leader. I have another army called UMCP so I will always be busy I also have lots of leadership experience and I am ALWAYS active, which brings me onto the next subject.

Activeness? What is activeness? Its always checking the site everyday, being on chat everyday, and going to every event. Inactiveness is the main cause of an army falling. That’s why alot of large armies are falling. Well that and Laziness. So if you want to be active then do all of that and we can grow. If you don’t want to be active then we don’t need you so get out. Well that concludes this post and remember to be ACTIVE!




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