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Epicness o:

Hey guys!Its skip here!

Sorry for no post for long time.I had my last exams,now they are finished.Anyways,yes,you should be proud of the title.We have done a good job!I made this post for 2 reasons:

  1. We moved to the 9th medium from 8th small(thank me)
  2. We have had tons of events and we didnt give up,we suceed them all

Yep.I’ll talk about the first reason.You may be shocked but its right.We have moved from 8th small army to 9th medium army!Here is what they told about us in medium top 10:

9.Fort Ghost Recon (NEW!!!)-Someone left a comment in the last medium top 10 saying ‘Well,if a little army like SW is here,then I guess FGR deserves to be here’ and then showed the link to the site.I clicked it,and I saw that they’re doing really good right now compared to the other armies in this top 10.They beat RPF and PW combined in a PB,and they’re in the SMAC-down like many others in this top 10.Watch out for them,because they’re rising like FAST.

Thank to me because of that.The person that left the comment saying “Well,if a little army like SW is here,then I guess FGR deserves to be here” was me.If i didnt comment,they wouldnt know about us.

For the 2nd reason.We had many events recently,which got us pretty tired,but you didnt give up and you fought.We thank you much.We recently rised like an airplane rising to the sky.I say that because we started to get 10.Before,we only could max 4.So please keep up this work.If you are tired already,then thats bad.Because the next month will be even harder,more extreme.Please dont get inactive.And dont complain about new promo system,since we have 8 active out of 20,it will be like this.If an army has 20-25 soldiers,they should at least have 15 active!Anyways,I dont want to be angry to you because no one is since we are rising,I edited a picture how we rised.

(Click on it.)



One Response

  1. Very good, Good job FGR!

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