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Promotion Method/ New ranks being introduced.

Alright guys we had a pb against Cyclones but no one showed.Anyways with that being said,


Alright guys, Im going to bring in a new Method of promotions that are based off of points, this is how the actual military goes about promotions. It will be based off a points system earned by:

  • Time in service (each month will be worth 50 points)
  • Battlefield experiance ( 1 battle is worth no point but every 10 battles is worth 200 points)
  • Job Points ( each rank will be given a job to do within the army and that job will be worth so many points.)

So promotions are no longer random, they will be earned. A follow up post will be added later on with the NEW ranks and their jobs.

~Elitesof aka Korn


8 Responses

  1. Stupid terrible idea (no offence)

  2. how much points do you need to get a promo?

    • its Completely depdnant on rank, like to get promoted from the lowest member to next rank it will be 400 points then it will go up to 600 but they re set at 0 points once they get their promotion

  3. I’m active.

  4. This method is a lot better than handing out ranks randomly. It’s a great way to keep track.
    I’m active

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