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PB today/Strategists needed

Hey Guys,

Alright so today we have our Practice Battle with Cyclones, and good luck to them I dont really expect a big turn out for us, since some of our guys are in Non American times zones. But thats ok its just a practice battle.

❗ Check post below for times ❗


Alright another thing we need big time is for all of our leaders not just me to be excellent strategists. So we can win more often and grow more effectively. So if you would find me on chat and we will start doing stragey courses or whatever we need to become more effective.

We will be also taking in new recruits to help us with our strategy. So expect a new rank and new people on chat.


Guys this is probably one of the more important things that i have to stress to you is, we need guys on FGR chat at all times, idc if you have other tabs and talking to them on that chat as well just be on FGR chat because important info needs to be known about and the simple thing as just talking with your fellow soldiers and grow a bond. You never know who could be leading in the future.

❗ So guys please get on chat everyday ❗

~Elitesof aka Korn


One Response

  1. i agree elitesof, I’d be glad to help with strategies. We all should try to be on chat as much as possible like he said. Stay strong FGR!

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