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The Next Month

hey guys,

Alright over the next month we will be sooo busy. We will be in a series of battles with other armies our size invading servers, Recruiting alot and hopefully these Tourney battles that SMAC planned get off the ground so we can do those too. Im real proud of you guys we’re rising in number and i cant thank yall enough.

Over the next month you’ll see a new promotion method come into play which will end up making you work for a promotion rather then wait for us to give you one. There might be new ranks come around too, just depends on how much we grow. But yea the next month we will be super busy, so i need all of you on the chat everyday so we can get our reputation out there. We’ll be number 1 Small army in no time, and then were looking forward to number one medium. We dont settle for less. Failure to any extent sucks. So guys if you have been inactive lately, please pick it up. And try to get some of your friends to join and if you cant go to some chats and ask the newer guys on them to join us.



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