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SMAC Down III Times

 EDIT BY CHRISI: I havn’t been active for the last couple of weeks and i won’t be active for another 2.

The invasions of PW was sucessful,now here are the SMAC tourney details:

:!:  Group 3 SMAC tourney :!:


When: Saturday, June 4th


Where: Klondike Server


Judge: TBA
















To the armies that we will be invading and going to war with over the next month or two: We dont hate you in anyway shape or form its just i refuse to be inactive. FGR as whole respects you and your abilities thats why we are testing them. Armies were made to fight and so thats what we are doing. We are fighting. Not out of hate because  we find it fun. If you dont like us so be it but it changes nothing. think of it as a possible chance to grow. You and FGR need the publicity to grow. So think of it as a mutual benefit. Hate us or  like us we will not try to change your mind and you will not change ours about invading. ~Elitesof


20 Responses

  1. I’ll probally be there for all.

  2. i will make winter land,but half of ice breaker.

  3. i think i could make it if i dont have anythin planned with SWAT, UMA, ACP

  4. I can make the second one and maybe the first.

  5. I might make both i know i can for sure make the 2nd one

  6. I can make these invasions. Sorry I haven’t been so active lately. I’m proud of our progress!!

  7. I’ll be there

  8. Elitesof & Fido, with all due respect, these invasions are not legit within any boundaries of CP warfare.
    First off, there is a 24-hour rule whereof you must tell the army you are invading 24 hours before the battle.
    Secondly, PW has had nothing to do with you, much less give you a decent reason for war on us, so I really don’t see why you are attacking us.
    This, due to CP Warfare rules, will not affect us.

  9. Oh, I apologize, did not see your comment.

    • hey bruh, its not that you did anything to us, these are CP armies and we were made to fight, i was the first true born leader of anything in CP armies, PW didnt have to do anything to us for us to invade we are an army, and we did give u notice, it goes by rules of CP warfare too, good luck.

      • It doesn’t make any sense, if you wanted to have fun, why try to rip out our nation? Fun is in more of the act of letting the other side live. One side is going to lose this war.

  10. I’ll make it, let me put it on my phone alarm. Haha

  11. It sure is beneficial: You invading us on a holiday weekend with everyone vacationing on our two most important servers on a very short notice.
    Hope you don’t expect no retaliation.

  12. The Fort Ghost Recon has been invited to CPCC’s Spectacular Summer Showdown to compete with 6 other small armies! Please sign up at http://clubpenguincommunitycentral.wordpress.com/2011/05/29/spectacular-summer-showdown/

  13. […] If you wanna find out the times for the Tournement Battle which is on Saturday June 4th. ——Click Here—— […]

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