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My return.

Hey FGR,

 Its been a while since i have gotten the chance to say that intro. But I know most of you are british or thats what ive been told by Coolster. He asked me  to come back and lead alongside him and Fido to bring up the size so i accepted. I had to make a new wordpress account but in the end im here. I’ll be bringing in some friends of mine to join with me and we’ll get the size of FGR as whole, up. I seen that you guys are the rising army in CPAE, congrats. Im real proud of you guys for being active on this and getting noticed. Its  about time FGR has leaders other than me that are willing to get down to work.

Fido and coolster i hope you dont mind if i bring in some of my friends as high ranks. because i trust them and i know their capabilities. But if you dont want me to do that just let me know. Also, now that im here what we’ll be doing is having alot more battles. Armies thrive in battle so im going to need coolster or fido to fill me in on what other small armies are around our size. We need the publicity to grow. So thats what we’ll do. Also If you wants GFX. I got a guy who will do it for us. I’ve spent a lot of time making friends while ive been gone and i got the hook ups lol. I’ll also have CPAC post about us hopefully and we’ll get noticed on there too. We’ll be in the medium 10 in no time. I just need you guys to be active.

~Elitesof aka Korn


5 Responses

  1. Wb Elites!

  2. Junk Warriors are about the same size as us.

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