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PB With SW Results

*Elitesof edit*: New chat is http://xat.com/FGR go there often.

Good job!Today we logged on Rainbow and started our practice battle with SW.SW were no show,but we still continued to the event.We recruited and trained new tactics,so it was a Recruiting mixed Training session.I was actually impressed,we maxed 8-9!Now here are some pics I took.

E8 In the start of the battle

E8 In the start of the battle

One recruited,diagonal line

2 recruited

2 recruited

Doing diagonal T and exactly getting 8.

Joke bomb

Getting 6 at chat,plus 2 were logged of=8!!

Actually I took more pics,but sorrily I couldnt find them on my desktop.Lol sorry.

Good job anyway,I saw what I wanted to.


11 Responses

  1. I’ll MAYBE come.

  2. I should be able to make it.

  3. I can come.

  4. Cant come…

  5. I cant come im not allowed on my laptop

    and i doubt people who live in America can come consdiring they will be at school

  6. It’d be cool if you guys asked SW before planning the whole event right away…and anyways, thats a UK event…people are in school, at least I am….

  7. I’ll come!

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