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Entring to Our First Tournament!

Yes guys!There are some exciting news!

Today I was checking the comments of the post below,and I saw an invite to a tournament from SMAC!And we surely accepted it.This tournament is presented by Pungy.


Info:Its called The Spring Open Tournament.No one will get their empire hurt in this tournament,its only for fun.As said,it is presented by SMAC head reporter Pungy.Here are: 

Armies Entered so Far:

  • Global Defenders
  • Black Dreams
  • Scouts
  • Pink Ice
  • Army Republic
  • Green Team
  • Fort Ghost Recon


Invited Armies

  • Hot Sauce Army (Pending)
  • Thunder Troops (Pending)
  • Snow Warriors (Pending)
  • Sky Troops (Pending)
  • Green Team (Accepted!)
  • Fort Ghost Recon (Accepted!)
  • Purple Heads (Pending)
  • Platinum Warriors (Pending)
  • Blue Sky Warriors (Pending)
  • SPAAF (Pending)
  • United States (Pending)


Guys.This is really important.It will be the hardest thing we’ll try.There are even medium armies in it.Hopefully,my friend Pungy will do the brackets fairly.And I know him,he’ll do it.I dont want too much from you guys,but I want this army to win against at least 2-3 armies.This is the first tournament we are entering,so it is not very important to do much at this.But still try to make us proud.

Also,do NOT forget to make the training session which is today at Rainbow.We want to see you guys getting good numbers!(Click here for the info.)

All owners,feel free to edit this post under the line below with your thoughts!

247 words! 😀



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